New Knights Armament Stoner LMG!!

Check out this awesome new video about the brand new Stoner LMG from Knights Armament!! It looks like this could be a real game changer out there, as we all know how LMG's can definitely help out on those flanks at times!!


King Arms Stoner LMG

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Blackwater Extension

Turbo joined me for some much needed construction today!! We managed to add all this, to the Blackwater building. Click on the image to see larger.

The Airsoft EXPO 2014

Time to get tready for the monstrous event that is known as THE AIRSOFT EXPO 2014!!!!

Event Update!!

As you guys already know, we hold a TON of events!! We love having the big games, and the mad giveaways, and there's no better way than a big community game, to do that.

The next couple of months are no exception to that rule, as we have some incredible events coming up!

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Player Poll Results

Jericho Player Poll Results

Last friday, we put up a poll on Facebook, to see what the opinion of the players were, as to how we were running the games. We Wanted to find out if poeple preferred one big game all day, if they wanted to split beginners and advanced players all day, or a combination of the two.

As you can see from the poll results, people want to split into groups for some games, then regroup for bigger games, essentially a combination of both styles.

We will be doing this from this weekend, and see how it goes!!

thanks for all the feedback players, it's you that helps make Jericho a better place, ran by the community, and managed by us!


Jericho Birthday Video

Just found this footage from our friends in Texas that made the trip for the Jericho Airsoft Birthday Game!!


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